A little poster history

Originally introduced in 1998 and sold until the early 2000’s at homebrew stores, at beer festivals and online, the poster has been essentially out of print for a number of years.  We’ve been sitting on a small inventory for many years, thinking the demand wasn’t there to continue making, marketing and selling it.  Now there seems to be, so we are producing and offering it once again.

barley detail from hbf poster

This poster grew out of a desire on the part of a couple of dedicated home brewers to have better references on hand.  In those days, you had a pile of books, maybe some magazines and some stuff you scrawled in your brewing notebook.  It was kind of a mess, and an annoyance, so we thought, why not make something that has all the info we want every time we brew and hang it on the wall? But then the whole thing grew into something a little more artful, and we just felt like making something to celebrate the craft, as well as providing a little help.

Inspired partly by a trip to Belgium visiting killer beer cafes, fascinating churches and cathedrals, and even a few Monastic breweries, we felt that the stained glass motif just made sense.  This glass is mostly simulated, assembled from scans and photos of real glass and polished up with some digital filtering.

Rumors of Bankruptcy

Did the publisher of this poster go bankrupt?  No.  There has been a story circulating that this poster was printed by Triskelion Publishing.  It was not.  The poster was printed by a small partnership in Seattle, called simply, Triskelion.  These were two entirely separate, unrelated companies with similar names.  Triskelion Publishing, which apparently did go bankrupt or at least go out of business, had nothing whatsoever to do with this poster.  The partnership which did publish the poster was dissolved and closed its doors in the early 2000’s, for reasons unrelated to the poster, and did not experience bankruptcy.

All rights to reproduce the poster have always resided with the author and copyright holder.  If you are buying the poster from this site, you are buying it from the author, designer, and only legitimate publisher, so, thanks!